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RISE: A Men's Mindful and Meditative Masturbation Meetup!

RISE is a meetup of like-minded men who are seeking to learn, explore, and practice ways to deepen their own self-pleasure/masturbation practice through guided breath, movement, sound, and solo touch (no partner interaction) and pleasure.

Why RISE: In short, our sexuality and sexual expression have been shrouded in fear, shame, and destructive modesty for too long. It's time to celebrate our bodies rather than shun them. In the company of other men we can, in our own way, declare that our bodies are divine, or sexuality and sexual expression are unique and beautiful, and our desire to enjoy it, our birthright!

What to bring: towel, pillow, blanket, journal, water, lube of your choice (coconut oil will be provided), and any toys you'd like to use. We will be sitting in backjacks.

Price: The price for this event is $30.

Who's welcomed: ALL body types, skin tones, ages, and sexual orientations are welcome! So RISE with us and experience what can happen within the combined energy of other self-pleasuring men when we take time to honor our bodies, pleasures, and spirits as well!

Because space is limited, this will be an intimate session of only 13 men.


The sooner you RSVP the better!